Bibliographic Projects in Progress

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This page lists ongoing bibliographic cataloging and cleanup projects within ISFDB. (For archived projects see here).

General Cleanup

Cleanup Projects subsumed by cleanup scripts

  1. Project:Serial Cleanup. Currently used to re-point Serial VTs to parent (usually Novel) canonical titles.

Cleanup Projects not yet handled by cleanup scripts

  1. Project:Data Consistency. A portal to coordinate efforts to identify and repair data consistencies. Most have been superseded by the cleanup reports.
  2. Project:Data Entropy. A place to quantify the state of our data's quality and its changes over time. BLongley updates some of it about monthly. Other measures welcome.
  3. ISFDB:Non-SF Cleanup 2004 Titles in a group created by data import need to be reviewed to delete the non-genre works.
  4. ISFDB:Stray Shortfiction
  5. ISFDB:Stray Essays
  6. Project:Integrate Other Bibliographies - Status of integrating data from other standard SF bibliographies.
  7. Project:Publisher Name Clean Up - Ensure that publishers' names follow the standards of Publication Fields:Publisher
  8. ISFDB:DAW Collector - Collect titles of all books in the DAW collector series. This project is complete through Feb. 2014, and is listed in the publication series "DAW Collectors". The list shown with this project is outdated and unnecessary.
  9. ISFDB:Anatomy of Wonder Missing Titles - Titles missing in ISFDB but mentioned in "Anatomy of Wonder" by Neil Barron.
  10. ISFDB:Miller-Contento Checklist - A listing that can be used to find magazine titles which should be indexed in the ISFDB.

Cleanup of selected authors' bibliographies

  1. Project:Nebula Grandmasters Cleanup.
  2. Project:Hugo and Nebula Cleanup.
  3. Project:Minor Award Cleanup.
  4. Top 300 Most-Viewed Authors - 2005 cleanup.
  5. Project:Recently Published Books Cleanup. Status of high priority authors.
  6. Project:Author Names Cleanup. Cleanup of bad/duplicate names, pseudonyms, etc.

Author project pages exist or can be created for every author in the ISFDB. For example Author:Robert A. Heinlein is a page at which editors who are interested in and knowledgeable about Heinlein can keep track of work that has been done on maintaining Heinlein-related data in the ISFDB. The organization of information on a project page is up to the project team members.

Currently active author projects

This section lists author biblio pages for authors where work on the bibliography is actively going.

Cleanup based on genre and series

  1. Project:Series Cleanup.
  2. Project:RPG Cleanup.
  3. Project:Comics Cleanup.
  4. Project:Non-SF Cleanup.
  5. Project:Non-SF Cleanup 2004.

As with authors, series project pages exist or can be created for every series in the ISFDB. For example, editors interested in the bibliography of Sheri Tepper's "True Game" books might document issues at Series:The True Game. Where a series spans multiple authors, as is the case with some shared world anthologies, such as Series:Thieves' World, the author project organization is not the most natural way to manage the data.

Computationally Intensive Scripts and Static Pages

  1. Project:Static Pages


Magazine projects also exist. Pages such as Magazine:Fantastic Universe Science Fiction provide an index to the individual magazine publications, but can also be used to keep track of the bibliographic verification work that has been done on those magazines.

  • Adding Editor Records - I am currently working on adding Editor records to Magazines and at the same time creating Editor series. My list is from SQL I applied the August backup. I am doing about 10 to 15 records a day.--swfritter 14:11, 17 Oct 2007 (CDT)
  • Publication Series - a page created to provide links to the various lists of publication series scattered throughout the Wiki. There's also a listing of series for which lists have yet to be created. If you have spare time, please feel free to choose one as a personal project. MHHutchins 04:47, 3 March 2009 (UTC)