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I am a long-time reader of SF, mysteries, and espionage/thrillers. I stumbled across this site while working on a catalogue of my wife's and my book collection and couldn't resist contributing.

I am also an avid duplicate bridge player, and while most "superior declarer play" and "killing defense" bridge books are pure speculative fiction with regard to my own game, speculative fiction and bridge do come together wonderfully in The Principle of Restricted Talent.

My background is in software development and applications using relational databases. I managed to get the ISFDB development and test environment running on Windows. See ISFDB:Personal Windows Website for details and leave a note on my talk page if you need help. Discussion of proposed features and fixes has been taking place on ISFDB:Community_Portal and ISFDB:Proposed_Design_Changes. See also the Development page.


Useful Links

The Literacy Site

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